Tesla Model S charging

FlexCharging manages the charging for your electric vehicle, to ensure your car charges at the best times while respecting your needs, so you can save money and in the cleanest way possible.

If you have an iPhone and a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf, install the FlexCharging app from the App Store today!  Support for more auto makers will be coming.

FlexCharging smart chart app on iPhone
  1. We protect your car’s battery and ensure you can confidently drive when you need to drive.
  2. We shift your charging to the best time of day, based on your location, your utility, current electric grid conditions, solar availability, and other factors.
  3. Many utilities charge you more for power based on the time of day, and FlexCharging minimizes those costs to you.
  4. By shifting load, this helps keep everyone’s utility rates low.
  5. Long term, we will minimize utility carbon emissions by scheduling charging for a fleet of cars based on the utility’s available power.

By not charging right when people get home, FlexCharging helps ensure utilities don’t need to use inefficient “peaker” plants to charge your car.  This makes sure you can use the greenest power available.

How does it work?

Install the FlexCharging app, sign up, and plug your car in when you get home.  Tell us when you need to leave home throughout a typical week, and work if you charge at work.  We’ll make sure you have enough power in your car to meet unexpected travel needs, protect your battery, and to get you on your way when you need to leave, while using the greenest power available.

Any questions?  Contact info@flexcharging.com.

Note: FlexCharging is not associated with any auto manufacturer.